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Drop earrings

Oceanum - Large


Oceanum is Latin for Ocean. The vastness of the ocean and the calmness it brings to all that sit near it inspire the curved features of these delightful pieces. Refreshing, serene and elegant they are perfect for day-to-day or weekend soirees. 

 Available in a large and small sizes, these earrings have been made from sterling silver that has been oxydised to create the markings.  They come beautifully presented in box – perfect to give as a gift or receive in the mail for yourself. Slight variances may exist between the photo and item as these are handcrafted pieces.

Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery.

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190614 Meg Watson9306.jpg
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Additional Info

Oxidised sterling silver

Body of earring 30mm diameter

Presented in a box